You're about to learn...

  • HOW I finished a full Masters degree (in Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy) as a Single Mom simply by adding those FIVE Me time elements to my daily routine.
  • Why you're actually KILLING your rare ME TIME - without even realizing it!
  • The simple framework for how to feel more CONNECTED to your kids the right way without loosing yourself!
  • The self-care trick you must use to get your child occupied, even if you believe “he/she has a temper tantrum and will be shouting and screaming the whole evening!”

Astrid Machalitza

Founder and Single Mom

LivelyFuture Counselling

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Me Time for Single Moms: How to become a Balanced Mom in just 20 


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Why You Will get a lot out of this Training :

I was totally shocked when I realized during my pregnancy that I would be a single mom. The pregnancy was characterized by depression and shame. After about a year, when I got used to this situation, the COVID lock-down hit me fully in my face. Instead of going to playgroups with my son and socializing with other moms, I suddenly found myself at home alone with a toddler – for months. I felt awfully lonely and overwhelmed. It wasn't far from getting depressed again, slowly but surely burning out, or losing myself completely. Have you maybe experienced something similar?

And yet I had a dream: I wanted to become a psychotherapist. I then “simply” applied to study. Well, unfortunately it wasn't that easy, and seemed to be almost half a degree.

And yet I had a dream: I wanted to become a psychotherapist. I then “simply” applied to study. Well, unfortunately it wasn't that easy, and seemed to be almost half a degree.

My studies started when my son was 2 ½ years old. It was an incredibly tight program and there were a lot of obstacles during the time: my son refused to go to kindergarten and we had to move several times during that time. The next risk of burning out was on the doorstep.

In order to keep getting time off for myself, even when I was with my son 24/7, I developed strategies that have helped me a lot to stay healthy. These were so good that my master's degree is now actually completed and I can live my dream. Do you also have a secret dream and do not allow yourself to live it?

In this webinar I will tell you how you can find

  • more time for yourself, 
  • being able to take a shower in a relaxed was (instead of always rushing)
  • relax your aching muscles, and 
  • maybe even manage to live your secret dream.

To reach your goal, I will give you my best, very personal single mom survival tips that I used, to gain more time for myself.

Verkaufs-Seiten haben mich immer gestresst, weil ich Probleme hatte, Werbetexte zu schreiben. Dieses Training hat mir geholfen ganz anders anzusehen, wie man eine Verkaufsseite baut, was man bedenken sollte und wie sie effektiver wird. Ich habe viele Tipps, die ich in dem Training gelernt habe, auf verschiedenen Seiten verwendet, nicht nur auf meinen Verkaufs-Seiten. Ich kann es wärmstens empfehlen.

  • WARNING: As a single mom you know that even though this training will be advantageous and fruitful, your time for participating is usually very limited: Is your child already bugging you to get your attention?

Instead of getting distracted and giving up the wonderful plan to spending valuable time for yourself, claim your spot NOW and join the training while you can! 

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